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Ireland silver pendant-medium


Ireland/Erin. “Adh na hEireannach”/”The Luck of the Irish”.

“Erin” is the gaelic word for “Ireland” and is sculpted in this stunning sterling silver in ancient Ogham, the secret writing of the Celts. Our “Erin” pendant is a truly unique and authentic symbol of ancient Ireland and is the perfect gift to wish someone luck in their life ventures.

Erin, the ancient Irish meaning of Ireland. Erin is one of the most widely known words associated with Ireland. It represents the Emerald Isle and  although the name has evolved over many centuries, the modern Irish language name for Ireland is “Éire” or “Erin” and is derived from Ériu, the Goddess of ancient Irish mythology.

18"sterling silver chain included.

Pendant is approx. 5cms long

comes boxed with an information card on ogham writing

Designed and handcrafted in Ireland.

©Ogham Treasure 2012


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