Anam Cara

Anam Cara, literally translates as Soul (Anam) Friend (Cara). The phrase made popular by the spiritual writer John Donoghue in his Book Anam Cara describes how your beloved and your friends were once strangers, your life is unimaginable without them.

Soul Friend/Anam Cara: “Is tusa m’anamchara”/”You are my soul friend”.

“Anamcara” is the gaelic word of “soul friend” and is sculpted in this stunning sterling silver in ancient Ogham, the secret writing of the Celts. Our “Anamcara” pendant is a unique symbol of love, loyalty and two people coming together as one. This makes a perfect gift for a friend, partner or family member.

Anam Cara, the ancient Irish meaning of Soul Friend. Anam Cara loosely describes one’s ‘soulmate’ and represents the union of love and loyalty between two individuals. It describes the special bond and relationship between any two people whether it may be lovers, family or friends.

Your soul mate can be your partner, your best friend or your teacher in life.

This is a great gift for any of the above , you know who they are !